video flashes old screens during gameplay

Jan 28, 2019
so i recently installed a geforce gtx 1050ti on both my sons computer and my computer . on my computer the screen flashes randomly during gameplay a black screen followed by a previous screen then back to the game .. all posts ive read about the game say to optimize fps/gameplay do not use vsync ... but this sounds like the frames are comeing too fast for the monitor and its trying to catch up my specs are ..

amd 640x4 /3.10 cpu
geforce gtx 1050ti graffix card
10 gigs of ddr3
monitor is a sync master 2243

is there any thing i should try before limiting my frames with vsync????

my sons computer is haveing bad colors i believe i read an artical that said either the card is bad or the cable is bad so ima look there on that one any thoughts on that would be greatly appreaciated as well