Question Video game Recommendation for a disabled grandpa


Oct 2, 2016
My grandpa likes playing old school games such as might and magic iv but he now has Parkinson’s making it difficult to play some games. He’s 87 years old and just wants to be able to spend his last years enjoying some games.

Is there an easy game like might and magic that doesn’t require a strong pc for someone with limited mobility? Ideally available on steam.

His laptop is very limited. 12gb of Ram, 11th gen i5 Intel processor, and an Intel iris Xe graphics card. Lol
Look up Lords of the Realm 2. I was thinking of the game for some reason lords of magic. I never played that one. The basic concept is you are a noble in England and the king dies, and you and about 3 other nobles fight a civil war.

The original Rome Total war might run ok. That game was a lot of as well when I was younger.


The Civilization series is quite good, particularly 5 IMO.

Stray is pretty good, but with the Parkinsons can he use a 'controller' well?

I would mention the Sniper Elite series as they are fun and fairly easy if you want them to be (settings), but once again his tremor could get in the way.

The older Warhammer games such as 'Dawn of War' are quite fun. The early Warcraft titles are still fun as well. There is another one that is space oriented, Starcraft IIRC that is along these same lines. Look down from the top type thing.

Ashes of the Singularity is also pretty fun.

The question on some of these would be whether the laptop can both run them, and what system temps are going to do in a long session.