Video game recording, don't know why its laggy with my rig.


Jun 24, 2012
So basically, I am doing some game recordings with a couple of friends of mine and I can't figure out why my game recordings become laggy while using msi afterburner. Basically i'm forced to use RTV1 recording since its easier on my system. I do believe it might be my cpu, but I can run every possible game on ultra settings without lag.

CPU: 2.93GHz Intel Core Processor i7-870
Ram: 16 gigs 1600ddr3 corsair vengeance
Motherboard: Foxconn Inferno Katana GTI LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX
Video Card: GTX680-DC2O-2GD5
Hard drive: 1.5 TB Sata II seagate hdd 7200 rpm

I hope you guys can help me, I believe I might need a secondary sata 3 hardrive or something. Right now I'm going to go screw around with the msi afterburner settings and see if I can figure something out.



Jun 2, 2012
When recording games, it is always best to have a second hard drive. There is not enough bandwidth to be loading a game from a hard drive, and reconding on it at the same time. You don't need a sata 3 hard drive either, a regular sata 2 hdd will work.