Video Games F.P.S is dropping dangerously.


Jun 3, 2012
Hello to the community of Toms Hardware, My name is Liam and i have an enquiry for you. Now this is my first post, and Ive joined this site to fix problems like im having at the moment. So heres the situation,
The other day I was playing video games (Full list at the bottom) and all of a sudden, my FPS went from 40ish to around 15-20 within a matter of seconds. To solve this initally, I had to just reboot my PC and it would run smoothly again. However, soon this process became more and more common, and it was beggining to get frustrating. I then went away for a week and a half for a Holiday, and got back to find that no matter what I did, I couldn't get my games to run with an FPS counter of over 20. Some other things I thought was weird when I got back were this:
1.) When i start up my PC, halfway throught booting, it "Blue Screens", freezes for a minute, then restarts and reboots, the next time starting up.
2.)Sometimes I get spams of "Something Is not repsonding".
My specs are:
- Nvidia GeForce GT 9500
- Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.4ghz
- 4 GB RAM
- Windows 7 32-bit
- (I think thats all i know)

Now i understand that my build is absolutely not built for gaming, but nevertheless, this build used to run games like they were nothing, and only did i receive freezes about once ever 2 or so months. I Would really like to try to understand what is going on, because its been a while since Ive played a game that has a frame rate of higher than 20.

Just thought Id ask, because I know that this community is rather spectacular, and you seem to be the most reliable. Hope we can fix this issue together, Regards, BigPeth.
P.S - If you are going to give me instructions, please keep them simple, cause im not uber-smart at this stuff :D.

-Games List:
Team Fortess 2, Steel Storm, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Portal, LIMBO, CSS, CoD4, CoD5, CoD6, CoD7, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, League Of Legends, Amnesia, and of course Minecraft :D.