Question video issues with xbox one S


Mar 22, 2013
link to tv specs:
link to receiver specs:

So basically, when I have my xbox one S connected via HDMI directly to my 4k tv the following settings have a green check mark (under 4k tv details):

TV Resolution - Your tv supports 4k UHD 60hz
Watching movies & TV - Your tv supports 4k 10 bit at 24 hz
Your tv supports 4k 10 bit at 60hz
Your tv supports HDR10 video
Playing games - Your tv supports 4k 10 bit at 60hz
Your tv supports HDR10 for gaming

When xbox is connected to receiver the following options DO NOT have a green check mark:

Watching movies and TV:
Your tv setup does not supports 4k 10 bit at 60hz. However, apps can use 4k 8 bit if they support it
Your tv does not support HDR10 video (Green check mark only when Allow YCC 4:2:2 is enabled)
Playing games:

Your tv setup does not support 4k 10 bit at 60 hz. However, you can still upscale to 4k by choosing the 4k UHD TV resolution setting
Your tv setup does not support HDR10 for gaming. Games will not be shown in HDR

I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me on why these options change when I connect my xbox through my receiver even though my receiver is newer than my tv and supports all of the features listed above.

I have tested this by playing an hdr compatible game (nba 2k17) with the xbox connected directly to the TV and can confirm that HDR was enabled (TV has a notification pop up saying HDR on).

My only theory is that when my xbox is connected through my receiver more bandwidth is being used then when connected directly to my tv. Probably due to the receiver doing its own processing or something which takes up more bandwidth. An example might be that 1080p being up-scaled to 4k (a feature of my receiver) might use more bandwidth therefor limiting bandwidth available for other features.

I am going to buy some certified premium hdmi cables to see if maybe my current cables are the problem. If my cables only allow 10 Gbits/sec that could be the limiting factor. Premium HDMI cables allow 18 Gbits/sec. (go to the charts and look at the features and how much bandwidth is needed)

EDIT*** I think I found the solution. There is a setting on my receiver which allows you to switch between 4k standard and 4k enhanced. With enhanced enabled I am getting green check marks on everything that my TV did.
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