Question Video playback issues

Sep 2, 2019
Hey all,

I have MSI 2080ti and noticed that after installing geforce drivers, I have video playback issues, for example in hulu app or web there is black screen with sound only, no video.
Also in youtube, videos are playing corrupted like this: View:
If I disable hardware acceleration decode in Chrome youtube videos play fine.

Also gif images are black when played back.

I haven't noticed any issues in playing games.
Tried DDU in safe mode and reinstalled drivers but didn't help.

Here is spec list:

Is it a software issue or might be the card itself having some problems?
Ok i want to do a test. either download VLC or use the built in media player and download any video file of either .mp4, or .WEBM and try and play it. I suspect this failure is due to a broken codec package on the GPU which is causing it to scramble any playback footage. Games dont use normal Codecs so they would likely be fine with the possible exception of prerendered cutscenes so maybe test one of those too or really any game with an intro video.

Skip if you already know what i am talking about:

Codecs are basically file formats within file formats that apply compression to video files and then allow those files to be decompressed by using the codec as a sort of key. All NVidia and AMD graphics cards support native H.264 decoding and NVidia cards also support encoding. if this process is not working then the video will look messed up. Since this system is tied to firmware and hardware it may be fixable with a firmware flash or it may need to be RMAd