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Question Videos Downloading as Multiple .ts files within _tmp_ folder

Steven Mal

Jun 8, 2013
Various embedded videos I've downloaded have downloaded as dozens of .ts file located in a _tmp_folder instead of a single video file. Each video exists as dozens of .ts files in its own _tmp_folder. I'm currently using the Firefox add-on "Video DownloadHelper" by mig


I generally watch the videos using VLC Player. Is there any way to download these videos as a single file that plays as a single video? Is there a way to consolidate the dozens of micro-clips into one full video? Thank you.

Math Geek

yes there is. youtube moved toa different format that causes what you are seeing. all you need is a new plugin that knows how to deal with it and can put it all together for you as it goes.

i tried a few myself and ended up using something called youtube batch downloader. this worked for me. there are likely more out there but this worked for me when i needed it so i did not look any further.

this is not a plug in but a 3rd party piece of software you have to install.