Question Videos lag and stutter when alt-tabbed into game ?

Jun 5, 2023
This happens whenever i am tabbed into some games such as raft or terraria while trying to stream videos on my second monitor, though i also found that the same thing happens if scale the game down to fit both the game and the tab i am watching a video on on the same monitor. I've tried switching video modes from windowed, to fullscreen, to boarderless windowed, and it still makes videos lag. I've looked into my task manager and im running 75-100% cpu, and around 89% memory. I also found that it only uses that much CPU when im actually in the game, not just in the menu., and the videos only stutter when i am playing the game, but works fine when im in the menu. of the game. (I have seen a simular post but it did not solve my issue, so i an posting this here)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 8GB
Intel i5-12400F
8GB DDR4 Memory
*Two monitors. *
*Ethernet cable*