Question View Broken Android


Mar 17, 2014
I broke the screen on my android some time ago and I am attempting to recover data off of it. It is a Samsung Galaxy s6 and although the touch screen is responsive, it is completely black. USB debugging mode is not enabled on the phone and it is stuck in charge only mode so I cannot play the screenshot game either. Is there a way that I may be able to at the very least view the screen on my PC so I can enable the correct settings or somehow enable USB debugging for easier use of such tools?


Oct 10, 2016
I confess this one is stumping me.

Options that won't work:

  1. No memory card, so can't transfer that to a reader
  2. Can't install Verizon transfer software, that goes on both phones
  3. looking at it through a PC won't work
I would suggest two possibilities.

A. Go to a service that replaces phone screens and see if the repair returns the phone to service.
B. A data recovery service.

Option A will be cheaper. If it works.

Were you using SMS backup? Then your text messages are preserved and possibly many photos too, assuming you have a google account etc.

I will describe to you an oddity: On my brand new made in 2019 desktop, built myself from Newegg parts, I installed doc fetcher because the search utility in Win 10 has been neutered. I discovered quite accidentally that my desktop had text messages on it going back to 2008. This is somewhat stunning. Not only have I been through three computers and at least three operating systems in that time, I never made the least effort to transfer my phone texts to my desktop. This is out of control data preservation if ever there was such a thing.

Incidentally if the phone does return to service with the repair I suggest you give transfer your data and move to a new phone as it sounds like it had a bad shock and you will be discovering other things that don't work over time.

Greg N