Question View PC/Nintendo Switch on the same Monitor at the same time (example: windows mode)?


Mar 25, 2019

I have the PC (via display port) and the nintendo switch (via HDMI) connected to my single monitor, therefore i can only view one or the other.

But i was wondering, is there a way to view both at the same time?

For example, have the PC as the selected main input (as it is now) and the nitendo switch open in "window mode"?

I use the switch to do exercise with ringfit, so it could be great to use it while being able to also watch a tv series or something else on my PC.

I know i can use the switch in portable mode, but it would be better not needing to plug/unplug it everytime from the base and being able to view it on the big monitor.
You would need a capture card to give input to your PC, there are very cheap HDMI to USB devices on ebay that would do the job.
But it will add some lag and as far as I understand it ringfit is based on timing, at least in part, so it will probably screw with you.
There are also some TVs that do have picture in picture but I guess that doesn't help you much.