[SOLVED] ViewSonic monitor connected via DisplayPort keeps waking up from sleep mode showing "no signal"

May 23, 2021
I am running a ViewSonic VX3211-4k connected via DisplayPort and another monitor connected via HDMI on a GTX 1660S. Every time my monitors are going into sleep mode the ViewSonic will show "no signal", turn off for a few seconds/sometimes minutes but then immediately turn back on again showing "no signal" and turning back off. This keeps repeating as long as I am not firing the PC back up or turning the monitor completely off. Strange thing is this even happens sometimes when the PC is not turned on at all (I think I even checked with only the DisplayPort cable connected to the monitor alone and not to the graphics card). The monitor connected via HDMI does not show this behaviour.
I already exchanged the DisplayPort cable with absolutely no effect, disabled auto detect and DDC/CI. What else can I do? Anyone experienced something similar? This is driving me nuts...

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