Question Viotek ultrawide monitor 2560 x 1080 @ 200Hz is flickering in certain games ?

Jun 8, 2022
So recently I purchased some new parts for my setup a new monitor and new graphics card a rtx 3070ti and a Viotek ultrawide monitor 2560x1080 @ 200Hz.

At first I had no real issues until I went to play Mafia Defenitive edition and Fallout 4 in certain situations mainly at night scenes my game gets this horrible flicker I've done everything from changing my monitors refresh rate turning off freesync and updating drivers but nothing seems to get it to go away I recently sent the monitor in where they couldn't get it to replicate the issue but they replaced it anyway just to be sure and it's still doing it. I'm at a loss I even changed to an old monitor where the issue was gone. I also unplugged the Graphics Card and ran directly off of integrated GPU and it still did it. I don't want to be out of 300 bucks but I don't see many alternatives at this point. Is there anything else I could try?