Question Virus that blocks websites or something else?

Apr 23, 2019
Ok this is a really confusing situation for me and I don't know if it's a virus or Spyware or a Trojan or what's going on

It's not only been on my computer but has found it's way to my phone, computer, and laptop

This has been happening off and on more than once In my life as well

What will happen is it will make certain websites not work like twitch and things like discord not work all times the browser says took too long to respond

This is weird because it'll still give me notifications from these websites and certain websites work perfectly fine like anything Google related (yas I know weird that Google is the only thing working)

I even used different browsers one having a VPN

And every time it happens it seemly comes out of nowhere

However this time it happen from downloading a gimp brush and for some reason once it did this time it logged me out of Google (yas I know what I'm about to say is dumb and a horrible idea but I changed all my passwords on a safe device) I logged in and it spread to every device I had

It can stop happening at random times but most of the time it's always happening

I also want to make it clear that my dad controls the internet in my house and we have a very toxic and mentally abusive relationship so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he blocked my interenet as a form of gaslighting me

Anyways any idea of what this problem could be is appreciated

I also know the basics of the computer and virus so sorry if I don't understand or I'm missing a important detail