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Virus woes..


Aug 26, 2010
I have a virus on my desktop that will not allow my computer to go online. It tells me that every site is unsafe or the webpage is unavailable. It has turned my AVG antivirus against me. I have two different drives but it seems to have infected my "C" drive that my operating system resides. the other drive is a 250 GB drive partitioned as two 125 GB drives. Can someone help me get rid of this stinking virus? I have the Windows XP operating system. The AVG software identified the file as C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS|intelppm.sys, the virus as Win32/Patched.DX, and says it is white-listed(critical/system file that should not be removed.

Saga Lout


In the past, I have deleted that file and the CPU still works quite miraculaously without it but in your circumstances, I think you need to try something stronger than AVG. Go to http://www.malwarebytes.com and download MalwareBytes. Install it and let it update itself then run the Full scan and when it finishes, click Show Results then click Remove Selected and restart the system. Run a full AVG scan and see if it still picks the threat up.

While that's running, go back into MalwareBytes and click the Logs tab then copy and paste the log back here, please.