viruses with torrent downloads


Dec 6, 2012
hello there i have a question
i usaly download games of bittorent or torrent sites
i also have brought games but games that i dont think of buying or want to check i use torrents
once my computer didnt work ok and i called a computer tech guy that will check what is the problem and i asked him if its a problem to download games of torrents and he told me that its not good for the computer even though he told me its good for him because torrent games has all kinds of viruses and it will make me need to call him for further problems if i download it of the internet
and i did realise that i have a computer that works for about 3 years thank god and lately after using torrent downloaded games even after uninstaling the games the computer got slow
and i have downloaded eset antivirus
bottom line i wanted to ask does this antivirus can remove all viruses that computer got from installing torrent games or that it can be that there are some viruses that wont be removed with this antivirus
and is there a good antivirus scan that can remove completeley viruses from torrent games
because i lately tried some games and i can feel the computer is much slower it takes about half-full minutes just to load screen from restart


We don't help with pirated games as it's against the rules of the forum.

If you'd like to download games without worrying about viruses then you can buy them from reputable sellers such as Steam/Origin/Uplay/Blizzard/etc. Some companies such as Steam allow you to return the game within as long as you've played under 2 hours. Also plenty of games come with demo's or trials.