Vishera 6-core Processor/R9 390 "Strix" GPU randomly crashes


May 4, 2017
So I bought a Strix R9 390, 8GB GPU for my computer, as well as a new Vishera (FX-6300) 6-core CPU (3.5 Ghz). It randomly crashes/memory dumps on occasion. When I first got them I was upset because it did it often (until they updated the base AMD Catalyst driver a few years ago) - I've built every computer I've owned since adolescents and thus "know what I'm doing" in regards to compatibility and the like. I know it overheats if I keep the case closed (not enough air flow) so I've kept it open ever since and bought a new fan specifically to get more air on it, yet sometimes it still happens without overheating.

Any ideas that may elude me, oh great and wise internet? I can't find anything via my own browsing. I run Windows 7, keep my drivers updated, and my power supply is more than enough for the GPU's recommendation. Anything else you might need to know, please ask.
You sound well versed enough, so I don't think I could add much.

One thing I noticed is you mentioning crashes, which I assume is BSOD, but you don't mention tracking down the cause of the crash via this route. Another thing is the lack of mention of Event Viewer to see what the PC registers in its log of activities.

Additionally, have you checked the RAM with something like MemTest? Just to check there aren't any errors (RAM or the slot).

Perhaps checked the voltage rails despite the PSU being powerful? (If it's faulty it doesn't really matter how powerful it's supposed to be.)

I've seen mention by some that when upgrading a CPU a clean install of Windows is beneficial, though I've no experience of this myself.