Jul 19, 2010
I was asked to backup a friends files off their pc. They have been having problems with it being slow and not responding when accessing the control panel. He said it's probably due to the fact he went in and just deleted items. Without checking what they were or what they did to help his computer. So it doesnt register any external devices via USB. I cannot use windows update as parts if the control panel never load. Are they any ideas of how I can restore deleted items and back up his files?


If you can get into system restore, you can try restoring it to a time prior to his messing it up.
Failing that you can try booting the Vista disk and doing a repair install, if that fails you will need to reinstall.
One other thing to try, see if he deleted the files without emptying the recycle bin fro which you can restore the files.
When you have it fixed, remove the delete key from his keyboard or remove him.
I realy wish people would stop messing with files they know nothing about. If you don't know what it's for, leave it alone.