Vista booting issue


Jun 28, 2011
For the past few months now I been having issues with my computer booting. I cant boot Vista from the hard drive. Also CD rom takes forever to boot from it. I would get a "BootMGR missing press ctrl alt del to restart" which it becomes a loop of the same error. I had issues with my power supply so I thought I get a new one since I had this one in my system for about 6 years. Doesn't seem to do the trick. I thought I use the vista install/recovery disk that came with the computer and it still didn't fix it.

Steps I have taken---

Unplugging everything and doing a full clean of the tower

Going into system recovery and doing the following..

bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
cd boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
ren c:\boot\bcd. bcd old
bootrec /RebuldBcd

(I also tried FixBoot and FixMbr)

Thing is if I use the function bootrec /scanOS is says number of Windows installations is zero.
No matter what command I use even after I use the rebuild command. It says its fixed but
when I use tells me no windows installations.

After thirty minutes of tinkering I can finally boot into my computer, but this is a daily thing.

I also tried system restore

I tried EasyBCD program

after logging in scanned my PC..found nothing

last but not least I did a clean install of vista.

Still no help :fou:

My CDdrive and hard drive is both SATA
processor is 2.7Ghz dual core
250GB ..110GB free
6GB ddr2 memory

I am frustrated, to have to spend 30 min a say to boot into my system. I am afraid to shut it down or even restart it because it may say bootmgr missing.

Is there any sure way to fix it.
If not have a boot CD..not a recovery jsut a CD so that way when I boot up it will go strait to Vista.
Because at times my computer does boot to vista it will load the CD and ask "do you want to install/repair vista"
Does that a good 5-7 times before it actually loads vista.


May 29, 2011

Once booted to Vista download Visual BCD Editor package from

It has a "Dual-boot Repair" utility but it can repair a single system too.
1. Click on Disk Management - in Disk Management the first primary partition must be marked as active - right-click on the partition and select "mark as active".
2. In "Dual-boot Repair" click on "Automatic Repair" and confirm. This will repair your boot files (MBR, PBR, bootmgr and /boot folder with BCD file in it).

If there are still problems check your disk for errors and repair them with "chkdsk /f" on command prompt with admin rights.
Next would be to run "sfc /scannow" on console with admin rights - this will fix system files.

Hope this helps


Jun 28, 2011
Thanks I am able to boot into windows again :D