Vista built in registry checker tool yes or no????


Mar 16, 2012
I've been told that Windows Vista 64-Bit OS has a built in tool called the "Windows Registery Checker Tool"....Useing the command prompt with admin. previllages...I'm yet to find it....Please respond and let me know if I'm getting my leg pulled....Thanks.....Bob Starke

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There is a tool called scanreg supplied with windows since XP, i believe.
Never had occasion to use it, give a search on vista scanreg and see what you find.

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If there is such a utility in your system, it doesn't belong there and is third party rubbish to be avoided at all costs. Microsoft offer the facility to edit the Registry but in terms of cleaning it, I take the view that it's either best left alone or lightly skimmed by a programme like CCleaner. The Registry takes up very little space so there's nothing to be gained by removing old entries but that's all CCleaner does.