Vista disk clean up???


Dec 16, 2008
Hi, had my computer for about 3 weeks now and with all the internet browser Id done and a few videos I thought I would do a disk clean up to remove the internet temporary files. When It should me the list of things I could delete it was only 25MB!!! On my old Computer Windows XP after week it would have around 250mb at the least.

Is some thing wrong? Why is there so little I can interent temporary files that I can delete.

By the way im using FireFox.
Yep. Xp would reserve a huge amount of disk space for temporary internet files, like literally gigs of space if you let it, but you don't need more than 50 meg. Vista, and newer browsers handle this better and don't reserve as much space as XP did. You can set this size manually to whatever you want, if you want.
There are also options on how long to hold temporary internet files before they are deleted automatically. You can set this to whatever you want as well, so you never have to worry about disk cleanup.