Vista doesent recognnize my hdd


Mar 26, 2009
Hi i have purchased this home built computer and ive been having a problem with it, im trying to install windows vista and it gets the the point were it ask were to install it to, the problem is that is doesent recognize the hard drive, now ive been looking this up around the net all day yesterday and i found out i need to install a sata driver for it to recognize it. so i go to the gigabyte website and download the sata raid drivers and put it on my thumb drive, but everytime i try to install them, it says it failed to install and contact the products manufracturer to get the newest diver??? the the hdd does show up in the bios.
you dont need a sata driver to install vista .

If you have just had this computer built for you return it to the person who built it . Theres a 90% chance the hard drive is faulty

If the hard drive shows in BIOS as a seagate 7200.11 model number theres a 99.99 % chance its faulty