Vista IE7 disconnect but internet still running fine...


Nov 21, 2005
Hey, I have been searching for over a week to resolve this issue and nothing has come up to resolve it so I decided to make my own thread.

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate Retail.
Specs MB: Asus P5WD2-E Premium
CPU: Intel D930
Ram: 2gb OCZ DDR2 800mhz
and everything else is pretty much standard I believe. Anyways onto the problem.

I am running internet explorer 7 and also Mozilla Firefox. Both latest version with all patches. Over time. Comes up randomly my browser stops working. It will give me a 404 error and then I'll try to diagnose it and then it says can't resolve problem. I know my internet is working fine because I can still use other applications that require the internet such as Bitcomet, Steam ETC. I know it's not my bittorrent either because it even happens when I don't run it at all. I found a small fix around for it. But it still happens after a while after I fix it. My fix is basicly starting steam and going to a game and running it and once I log into a server my browser starts working again. I really dunno what the hell is wrong with my web browsers but if anyone can help me that would be great.
Thanks in advance.

The Joker

Jul 22, 2007
Assuming you are just using DHCP from your local sub-net (inside your home firewall)...

In IE7, go to tools->Internet Options->Connections->Lan Settings. Make sure there is nothing enabled (no check-marks).

After that, I would go to (redirects you to a different site); select 'Virus & Risks' (menu on top) and then click on the 'Symantec Security Check' link. Run the two free scans (just to make sure no one is trying to re-direct your connections).

Good luck.


Sep 8, 2006
Just a thought - have you paid attention to your CPU usage when IE7 stops? There was a bug when it was first released that high CPU usage would kill the IE connection and you would have to close and restart the IE process.


Aug 3, 2009
Guys, the problem is not with the CPU. Your computer is infected with the spyware infections which are causing this strange problem of web redirection. You have to perform the following steps: -
1. Empty the temp, %temp% and prefetch by typing their names in the Run window
2. Go to the Control Panel->Internet Options, deletes the temporary internet files, cookies, history, forms, stored password. Go to security tab, set all the zones to default. Go to content tab, clicked on Clear SSL State. Go to the Programs->Manage Add-ons, disabled the unknown add-ons which are those about which you did not get any information in Google search).
3. Go to the Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Cleanup, please run it for all computer
4. Download malwarebytes from and install it
5. Try to update Malwarebytes, if it fails to update then download trojan remover from and scan with it
6. Now, update Malwarebytes and ran a quick scan with it.
7. For IE7 and IE8, go to Control Panel->Internet Options->Advanced, click on Reset.
8. Start internet explorer, during runonce please select the option to change Search Defaults and set it to Google.
9. Go to the Add/Remove Programs, uninstall WYYO, Zwangi, My Identity Defender, Fast Browser Search, Search Protection (My Web Tatto) (if any one) is there.
10. Check the problem now.