Vista Install/Boot/Restart Problem :S


Jan 11, 2006
Okay I have the weirdest problem and really need some help/advice as i am out of ideas.
I have just installed vista home premium (OEM) on a mates PC. (I have Vista Business installed and running and have never seen the following problem before).

Here is what I did and what went wrong as it happened.
(Full system spec at the bottom)

1. Set the bios to boot from disc.
2. Slapped in the vista oem disc.
3. Restarted and begun the vista install process.
4. Formatted the drive formally containing XP Home and set vista to install there.
5. Install started and seemed to be working fine it did all the installing etc up until the first restart (that it normally does).
This is where things got weird. Instead of rebooting and continuing the installation as you would expect the screen just went black with a flashing white underscore in the top left and just sat there.
6. I then hit the PCs reset button at which point it rebooted normally and continued the installation (as if nothing had happened).
The same problem occurred with the next reboot with me hitting the reset button to sort it out. After this it booted into vista and vista seemed to work fine.
7. I tried restarting (before installing anything) the same problem occurred.
8. I then installed the latest motherboard drivers and then rebooted and the system rebooted correctly.

At this point i thought the problem was gone but boy was i wrong.

9. I installed all my other drivers got all the updates etc all works fine.
10. Then I decided it was time to take the vista disk out and set the bios back to boot from HDD (making sure the vista HDD was top boot priority).
11. After hitting save and exit in the bios the system gave me the following error message

"Disk boot failure Insert System Disk and press Enter"

12. I then set it back to boot from CD without the vista disc in and got the same error message. But with the vista CD in it boots up into windows fine. WTF? lol I have to I have a disc into run vista. Very weird problem i think you will agree.
I have tried setting bios to defaults and turning off unimportant stuff in there I have repeated the whole vista installation as well just in case something went wrong but exactly the same problem in occurring. Tried updating bios also tried running tuneup utilities etc.

The problem seems to be some kind of conflict (i guess) between vista and the motherboard (which is supposed to be compatible). Has anyone seen this before? Or have any suggestions as to how to fix it. My mate cant run his PC with the vista disc in all the time :p Any help would be great.

Core 2 Duo e6600
corsair dominator pc2 6400 ddr2 800
Asus P5N32-E SLI
Nvdida BFG 8800 GTS OC2
Samsung Spinpoint 250GB (This is where vista is installed)
Samsung Spinpoint 500GB (Media)
Zalman ZM600 HP 600W
Samsung SH-S183ABEBN 18x18 DVD±RW Dual Layer Serial ATA ReWriter


Jan 11, 2006
after trying alsorts of other stuff like useing the vista disc to repair the boot sector (bootrec.exe) which didnt work and then trying to use VistaBootPro which seemed to kill the system completely :S
We relised that the HD drive was plugged in sata port 6(which worked fine with XP) we plugged it into port one and reformated again and it worked fine!
The moral of this story is just because it should work doesnt mean it will lol cheers guys.


Mar 20, 2009
You should have used the vista upgrade disk, other wise youll have to install on a new hard drive... Vista dosent play well with others, my laptop which came with vista has had nothing but issues the latest which i can't figure out is it just froze in the middle of normal use and now it boots up i put in my password and it just restarts, over and over and over... can't get back into it at all, anyone know whats going on, e-mail me at
thanks, Sam


Sep 1, 2009

zoron,ithink you are on track with my vista problem;as long as my usb modem is attached to my laptop,my laptop will not go thru the restart sequence.if i press shut down and then reboot,no problem.could you give me some hint as to what is going on and how to fix it.please.thanks thomas