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512MB of memory just to have glass effects on your OS! The only people
who will have Vista is folks who get it bundled on their system when they
but it - which means folks will eventually transfer to it - but it will
not equal Windows 95 by a long shot.

And then there is the "new" DRM stuff -

The real weak link in all of this stuff from Microsoft is the fact that
human beings experience the world in an analog fashion. The sound we
hear - no matter how well protected has to be converted to an audible
signal and the video we see has to be converted to a visual one - no
amount of digital protection will stop a fully protected device from
displaying its picture and speakers producing their sound.

I have an inline scan converter that the VGA output from the computer
attaches to - and then passes on to the computer. While inside the
little gizmo - it splits the video out to a NTSC standard output I have
attached to the VCR/DVD recorder. I bought a signal splitter for $2.00
for the audio and run one line into the VCR/DVD and the other into the
computer. Slower method of capture of course - real-time, instead os
just capturing bits - but works fine.

The articles I have read have stated Microsoft might fuzzy up the picture
so that HDTV quality would not be there - but would equal DVD-quality at
present-levels. I can live with that.

This "new" scheme is just that - a new "scheme" - the articles have
stated it will only work on Windows Media - so Microsoft is probably
salivating on how much money they can make selling something that will
not work - just as surely as DRM does not. Yes it works digitally - but
again folks live in an analog world and it does not work. Being doing
this for years with internet audio I wanted to capture - just hook the
audio out into my Dolby Digital Tape Recorder and capture on metal oxide
tape with excellent sound - and digital too!!


a fools game from Microsoft on DRM


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)

DRM is or will be just another vector for Virus/Trojan/Spyware writers. And
Microsoft knows it.

George Hester
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> a fools game from Microsoft on DRM