Vista password removal


Nov 5, 2009

I bought a PC from a lady I know a bit, and it was used for a few months and then stored in its original box when she bought a lap top. After over a year of being stored I bought it. The problem is that she does not remember her password. it only had one user, so it is the administrator's password the problem.

I copied instructions from this web site and burned a disk from a forum on vista password removal:

Here is the link:

It specifies that one needs a utility such as Magic ISO. Don't know where the problem is but when we try to start the computer from the boot CD the options do not let us move forward. The PC brand is a LENOVO.

Any advise on this problem will be greatly appreciated. I am a housewife and the computer was for m y 19 y.o. son.

Best regards.

One more thing...I asked a friend of mine to send me the file since my connection is dial up. High speed is not available where we live. The file for the ISO CD image was 7.99 MB

Claritita, Joey's mom