Feb 17, 2006

Does anyone happen to know the basic requirements to run Vista Home Premium? I'm looking at getting a new PC and seems like all the pc's say Vista Capable, which probably means the Basic Edition. I want the Aero feature in the premium and want to make sure I get a PC that can run it. Thanks!
If you want to run Aero, you must make sure you have a decent video card... the card should be capable of at least DirectX 9 and have at least 64MB of memory.

(For instance, Aero is currently only supported on ATi's Radeon 9500 and above in ATi's lineup... nVidia probably would require a 5600FX or above... though I'm a bit fuzzy on what nVidia cards support which features.)

Of course, at least 1GB of RAM is highly recommended as well... but the most important factor in running Aero at all is the video card.