Nov 19, 2009
I am having some trouble with my roomates computer. I'm not fully sure on the specs but what I do know is:
Vista Home
Pentium D 1.87 ghz

His computer was running really slow so we refomatted it. The reformat went fine, besides taking an rediculosly long time, and we put all of his data back on but it was still running super slow in.

Then, I noticed that the fans were running at full speed constantly and took a deeper look to find that the fan in the power supply was dead. I replaced the power supply, booted it up and it started checking for disk error, so I waited for it. After waiting an hour and seeing that it was still stuck on the same file that it was trying to fix, I decided to just do another fresh install.

So I try to do a fresh install and the install hangs at the please wait screen.
This one:
I let it sit there for two hours and still nothing.

So I opted to just completely wipe the drive with Darik's Boot & Nuke in case there were some bad clusters or sectors or something. Everytime I try and erase the drive the program errors.

So then I Tried Active Kill Disk Hard Drive Eraser. This tool works somewhat. I can view the drive and see that it has 3 separate partitions. Two are unallocated and one has 232gb of space, obviously the partion that was being used.
Sidenote: The first partition that is unused is set as primary, according to this tool. And the partition that is actually active states that it has 232 gb in use and 0 gb of free space. The drive only had the install of vista + 25 gb's of music and videos.

I appreciate any and all help in determining what could be causing these problems as well as a solution.