Vista recovery problem


Dec 2, 2011
Help! Recently a virus wiped out my operating system, (Windows Vista). My PC's C drive had literally nothing on it. I then had a new VISTA operating system installed by a repair shop. I then attempted to restore my previous configuration via the backup I had on an external drive, using the Vista Backup & Restore utility. This 'worked' except that it restored the files from the backup into a separate location on the C drive. Using windows explorer I see all of these restored files in a folder named "Thom".

However the new install of Vista has the username "Thomas" where a complete configuration, (desktop, Documents, Favorites, etc.), was created. When I log in, that is the config I see, (new desktop, new files and folders for this new user, "Thomas". I want to use the configuration, (files, folders, desktop), under the old name "Thom", not this new one, "Thomas".

I'm afraid to just delete the files under Thomas as I'm afraid I will destroy my access to Windows overall. I currently only show one user account in the control panel. I also don't have the user "Thom" in the User folder within the new configuration. How do I remove the files and folders under Thomas, and use the files and folders in the folder named Thom which is on the C drive??

All the files from the restoration of the backup are there, they just show in a folder on the C drive titled "Thom". When I login to my pc it takes me to a desktop created by the new install. I need ALL the files from the backup, (desktop, email, files & folders), not the setup created by the install of the new Vista. I want to be able to login to windows and have it use the files from the backup, that are in this folder named "Thom" that show on the C drive.

Can I simply combine or merge or copy the files from the folder "Thom" that I want to use into the folders of the same name, (contacts, documents, favorites, desktop), that are under the name "Thomas"? Can I delete the folders under user "Thomas" and all it's files and folders and hope that windows then takes me to the files I want to use??

I use my laptop, (HP Pavillion, 64 bit), for business and I'm dead in the water until I can access my old config. I am in day 5 of this disaster and I'm desperate, please help!

Contact the "Repair Shop"