Vista Release Problems _Help me with class project


Jul 3, 2009
Please help me with a powerpoint presentation I need to give for one of my IT classes. I decided to ask the Tomshardware community because of your expertise and it will allow me to get more resolutes then a google search.

The topic of my presentation is the issues with Vista at release. Please do not come in here and start arguing with people....I dont want this to turn into a bashing thread.

What I experienced with Vista at release was:
Compatibility in general and especially with legacy products (Older HP printers)
Hard drive write/transfer speeds are horribly slow

What were your issues with the RTM of Vista?
Thank you all in advance for your added information.

Thomas Wright


Dec 12, 2009
Good idea to get input on what issues others had with the release of the product.

Be sure to give credit where it is due. :)

I found the biggest issue with Vista was the lack of drivers. Microsoft did not provide the needed time, before release of Vista, for the device manufactures to provide their devices drivers.

As to why Microsoft did this, I leave to you to research.

Also, by looking at what SP2 fixed, you can tell what the RTM lacked...