Vista Start-up Crashing




I'm running 32-bit, home premium vista, and have encountered a persistant error when the computer is loading, specifically, the process where vista is loaded.

The first time this happened, the computer shut down during this process, and when i turned it back on, apart from the error message coming up "windows encountered an error during start-up", it worked normally. Then, I turned it off, left it, thinking no more of it, but it happened the next time I turned the computer on, except after the error message it cut off again, and did this twice before resuming windows normally.

This is now even worse, taking upwards of 5 minutes of repeated turning on, and shutting off before loading vista.

Thing I have noted include - restarting the computer doesn't cause this to happen, and neither does turning it on again immediately after turning off a successful launch of vista. The performance is the same as it was before, after it's loaded I can hardly tell the difference.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this, and any solutions? I can provide more info as necessary.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, didn't explain it well enough, it's actually when the loading bar is going across (the green scrolling bar, i'm not sure of the correct name) that the computer cuts off


Oct 13, 2008
You explained with enough clarity.

What happens when the operating system loads is it loads the essentials to get up and running.

This is usually assisted by the BIOS. Then it looks a users configuration, basically this is what you want loaded for your personal needs (most of the time, exclude malware and intrusive applications).

These applications can load while the OS progress bar is scrolling across, and during the period that Windows Explorer has loaded and there is more to go.

Most of the drivers that the programs rely on to run will initiate during the boot process (while the progress bar is being displayed).

Preventing certain programs from loading during the boot process will speed up the boot process, the trick is to know which one is causing conflict.


Okay, thanks for the advice.

I've been through start up programs and disabled the non-essential ones, and this appears to have worked.

Once again, thanks for your help!