Jan 17, 2008
That is a very vague question because of all the different scenarios involved in answering a question like that.
A few would be is:
1. What case are you using and what speeds are you running the fans?
2. Is the video card over clocked?
3. What cooler is on the video card as different coolers work and cool differently.

So if you want a definite answer, you will have to provide alot more information.


Jul 25, 2009
Thanks for the reply guys, really appreciate it :)
Ok, I dont have Vista installed already, I'm stuck with a Windows XP sp3 32-bit. My configuration is: Intel E8400 (2x3 Ghz), 4 GB OCZ dual channel kit, Sapphire Ati Radeon 4850, Gigabyte EP43-S3L, and I have two Zalman system fans installed. The temp on XP for the graphics card is 35 C idle, and on load 61 C maximum, the CPU goes 52 C maximum load. And I never overclocke, I'm satisfied how the computer performs. I am planning to upgrade the OS on Vista 64-bit SP1 cause I got if for my birthday and it waits to be installed ;) . So I was wondering will the temperature stay the same, or are their gonna be some huge temp jumps? I ask you this question because I was reading some stuff on various forums about temperature on xp and vista, and right now I'm a bit confused about all this temperature issue to tell you the truth :). I use my computer mainly for gaming, and watching movies.