Vista...who should use a beta OS


Dec 9, 2004
So, I was thinking of trying Vista Beta but with a beta OS I am very skeptical about some things not working properly. Would the average user benefit using the Vista beta or is that only for developers? Can I configure my system to allow me to select which OS on bootup? If I want to go back can I just put in the XP CD and re-install it without having to reformat?

Of course I have a second hard drive with a mirror of my current drive (that I need to update, but that's no biggie).


Dec 15, 2005
No, the average user would not benefit. Yes, you can configure a dual boot, although you'll need to create a new primary partition first, as I think Vista will only install itself on a primary partition, which is where your XP is living. If you want to get rid of Vista, and the dual boot, you can, just get rid of the partition where Vista is. You should not have to get rid of XP at all, so you should not need to re-install.