Question Visual artifacts/freezes/crashes

Dec 8, 2021
Hey guys, ive come across a little issue after ff14 endwalker came and i played routinely. Essentially my screen would start showing visual artifacts and after abit it would freeze, turn black with artifacts and the crash + restart the pc entirely. This started happening more and more frequently until it did it upon game launches (tried other games too which did the same except for league of legends which somehow worked for the short time i kept it up).

Obviously my first thought was gpu and drivers, so i tried a couple things, uninstalled my drivers with DDU iirc and did a fresh manual install from website in safe mode and all that, which didnt work. Tried removing and remounting the gpu which also did not work. (gtx 760ti btw)

Lastly i decided to completely remove it , mount my older gpu (750 ti) and do a fresh install of correct drivers for it. At first it seemed to be working fine but eventually it started randomly freezing for dozens of seconds, stop responding and coming back afterwards. Also some instances where it would give me fatal directx error (on ff14).

At this point im not quite sure what it is since my experience is not the best with pc tech, gpus dont seem to be overheating and the same goes for cpu, everything appears to be fine and nothing really changed, on both software and hardware ends, from days ago when it was working fine.
My guess is that it might be a PSU problem, yet changing it rn would be a bit of a hassle for me to try it, so i would like to ask more experienced people's opinion on it before attempting anything else.

motherboard: asrock z97m anniversary

gpu: 750 ti (previously 760 ti)

cpu: intel i5-4750 quad

ram: 16gb i believe dd3 2400mhz c11

boot/windows disk: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB

psu:1life ps:jet 700w
Version: ATX v2.2
1x 20/24 pin MB
1x 12V 4+4 pin CPU
4x 4 pin peripherals
2x 6+2 pin PCIe
1x FDD
Power: 700W
+3.3V: 22A
+5V: 18A
+12V: 50A
-12V: 0.3A
+5VSB: 2.5A
Cooling: 140mm white fan with automatic speed control
PFC: Passive

on the other hand the only other psu i have available to try is the seasonic ss-620gm active pfc f3 aka m12II-620bronze whose lines are:
+3.3v 24a
+5v 24a
+12v1 24a
+12v2 24a
-12v 0.8a
+5vsb 2.5a

not sure if theres anything else i can give as info but let me know if thats the case

thank you for your attention

edit for ref: changing PSU seemed to work so far, meaning the original one was lacking at times causing the freezes on the gpu that should be well (the 750ti).
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Dec 8, 2021
Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I doubt that the PSU you're in possession of is reliably built. How old is that unit? how old is the Seasonic unit that you've mentioned above? What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard?
thanks for the welcome :D

i see, well this pc was lent to me after the motherboard in mine died permanently, so im not sure where the psu came from or how old it is but it should be over 5yo, maybe a bit more. As for the seasonic, the models were released 10 years ago but i got it for my old pc around late 2016, it wasnt second hand so essentially its around 5yo and hasnt been in use for around almost a year now.

The BIOS version if im not mistaken is "American megatrends inc. p1.10" from 13/06/2014
As for SMBIOS which idk if its needed or not, its 2.8

Tyvm for the answer.