Question Vizio All-in-One CA24 PC --- how to change input without oem keyboard or remote ?


Feb 10, 2018
I have had a used Vizio All-in-One CA24 PC laying around for a while and I wanted to see if I could use it as a secondary monitor since it's advertised as being able to do that and has two hdmi ports. From what I've gathered from the manual (I don't have it, I found it online) and various forum posts, the only way to change the input to a connected device was to press F2 on the special oem keyboard or press the change input button on the oem remote. I don't have either. I tried pressing F2 (and F2 with function key)on a regular keyboard with an hdmi cable connected from my laptop to hdmi 1 on the all-in-one and set up the appropriate settings so that my laptop would use a secondary monitor and the input doesn't change.

It would be great if somebody knew if I was wrong that those were the only two ways to change inputs and said if there were an alternative way to change inputs. If there was a bios update that made this easier, I cannot find a bios to download for any of the hardware revisions on the support website. If somebody happened to know where to find an updated bios for the machine if one was released, that would be cool.


The only place the BIOS would be is on the vendor site. See if you can find this keyboard or remote online to buy, just make sure they can be used on any system and not just the one they came with.

Of course you can also probably find simply a monitor to use instead of buying what you need, a used monitor can be found cheap.