Question Vizio smart tv black screen with audio working


Jul 4, 2013
Hey so Ive got a tv problem, my parents recently got their last tv replaced because of a display issue; the tv im trying to fix. Its a vizio m43-c1 smart tv, and it started off apparently with half the screen going dark and not working and now its the whole screen but the sound still works.

Now i already did some research, i took it apart, made sure nothings burnt or seeming wrong and nothing that i could see looked bad. I did the flashlight test where you play something and shine a flashlight to see if you can make out anything which, if you can, would say that the parts responsible for the backlighting is whats causing the problem but i couldnt make out anything. Now everything ive seen after that point of the flashlight test either goes off of the backlighting needing to be fixed or just having to replace any of the few other systems and just see which one works which is honestly pretty unhelpful. I dont wanna order online part by part to just hope and see which one does the trick.

So my question is, can anyone help me out with this and maybe help me narrow down ruling out whats wrong with it. Or even if someones realllyy tech savvy, could you help me out on how to even fix whichever board it is myself if possible. Dads an engineer and would be able to help with whatever technical stuff that i dont know just yet, just trying to resurrect a nice tv without spending more than its worth.

Thanks for any reply!