VLAN subnetting question.



Hi guys,

I had this question on an exam that I just cannot get out of my mind.

Note I'm completely new at subnetting, I can understand this question might make some of you think why I'd even need help on this.

First a little assignment story:

You have to make 4 subnets for 4 VLANs, the router interface assigned to each VLAN is the LAST usable host on the subnet.

So unless I'm really bad at networking the graph should be:

NET ID // HOSTS // BROADCAST ADDRESS // VLAN // – // // VLAN1 // – // // VLAN2 // – // // VLAN3 // – // // VLAN4

So if I'd have to write down a single host configuration for VLAN2..I think it should be:

subnet mask:
default gateway:

Is this correct? I'm not sure whether the default gateway should be (as would with normal subnets) or as I wrote down, this is the first time i've ever gotten assignments including VLANs and I havn't really gotten a solid explanation.

Help would be very much appreciated, I'm really trying to get into this and understand it better.


Sep 29, 2012
You are correct. Just remember the default gateway is the address of a device that gives you access outside your subnet. It must be within the subnet...doesn't do a lot of good to try to reach a IP that is already outside if you don't know how to get there in the first place.