VLC clarity issue

Ashok V

Jul 20, 2015
Hi all,
Recently I formatted my C drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. I did not have any set up files and I just thought of downloading all set up files of applications needed for me from Internet. I don't have any dedicated graphics card installed in my system. I am using i3 processor (2nd gen), 4gb Ram, 1 Tb HDD. I installed VLC 2.2.1 and when I play any video having 1080p definition, I see the video is appearing scattered and having clarity issues. I thought its may be due to VLC and I tried other versions too. The same issue persists. Also even the inbuilt windows games like Chess are not displayed in 3d view and I am getting a message saying High def graphics are not supported. I haven't installed any drivers from the cd given for the i3 processor box after installing windows 7. I just wanted to know that is this the problem for the clarity issues in VLC. Somebody please clarify and explain me the use of the cd given in i3 processor box.

Phillip Corcoran

You've already proved that VLC is not the problem so no point in pursuing that.

You need to install the manufacturer's graphics driver package which will make all the advanced features of the graphics chip available to Windows & Windows applications.

For most i3 processors, the graphics chip is on the CPU (ie it's actually an APU) so you need to install the driver from the Intel CD, or you may download the latest driver from Intel's Download Centre: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/