VoIP MySQL query


Mar 3, 2012
Hi, I'm trying to design a system to query a database when an incoming call is received from an analog phone line.

The query is simply linking the phone number to past records i.e. when an incoming call is received a query is made to look for the primary key (the phone number) and then relate to other enitys in the database.

My problem is converting the analog line to VoIP and also querying the database from VoIP, whats the best method and is this possible?

Many thanks in advance
Getting the calling number is not all that hard more the question is what do you intend to with the actual voice call itself. If you convert it to voip at some point you must send this to some device that lets a person talk on it. VoIP is not just one standard thing there are multiple variations. If you do not know what SIP,H323, g711,g729 and many more you are in way over your head.

The simple way to do this is to insert a callerid box between the phone and the telco line. They make a number of them that can be connected to a PC just depends how fancy of one you want.