Question Voltage and clock problem with RX 6950 XT ?

May 28, 2023
Hello. Got a strange problem with my MSI AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT GAMING X TRIO.
While idling voltage is jumping from 0 to 825. GPU clock stays at 0, and every 5-10 second
spiking to 10-100MHz. Memory clock always at 0.
In not demanding games it start looks better. Memory is at 2200 stable. Voltage at 825-850 stable.
But gpu clock is only 500-1300 instead of 2400 and because of that fps is sluttering.
In Witcher 3 everything is how it should be. GPU 2500-2600. Memory 2200. Voltage 1.2. Stable.
In furmark GPU clock is at 2400 stable. Memory at 2200 stable. Voltage is at 1.13 stable.
But after ending furmark everything returns to idle numbers.

Screenshot 1: Furmak
Screenshot 2: After stoping fumark
Screenshot 3: Not demanding game locked at 60 fps
Screenshot 4: More demanding game locked at 144
Screenshot 5: Idle
Screenshot 6: Sometimes after restarting pc memory is 2200
Screenshot 7: Witcher 3

Imgut links:
1 and 2 View:

3 and 4 View:

5 View:

6 View:

7 View:

Sometimes, after rebooting pc, memory clock is staying at 2200 and not droping.
On furmark start hot spot temp jumps in 1 second from 40 to 70.
My previos GPU was MSI 1060 GAMING X. I used DDU to uninstall drivers and downloaded Amd Adrenaline 23.5.1.
Windows auto driver update is disabled.
Also got a problem with controling fan speed. When setting it to 66% in msi afterburner, it starts work at 80%.
Also can't lower it below 50%.
In adrenaline fan curve is resetting every reboot to 50% at any temps.

Last bios update on June 2021
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Connected with 3 separated 8pin cables

Things I have not tried yet:
  • Motherboard bios update
  • Reinstalling windows (using it since march 2021)
  • Vbios flashing