Voltage and Overcloking problems with i7 930


Dec 21, 2010
Hey guys, my i7 930 at stock hits about 68c in Prime95, which isn't bad. However the moment you boost the base clock up the temps soar to 80+ in prime95. This is even at 3ghz+. I am going to buy a CM 212 however it seems like i have bigger issues. I cannot adjust my Voltage. As in its just greyed out. Im using an x58m and stock cpu cooler. I know the stock cpu cooler is *** but the lack of any OC room isn't possible. I cleaned my computer and redid the Thermal paste in January so that should not be an issue. The Voltage seems to change from 1.18 (with stock clocks/2.88ghz) to 1.26 when overclocked. Any help would be amazing. Note these Voltage were spotted in the bios, no idea what they are while doing prime95

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