Voltage drop under load should I raise my vcore?


Mar 7, 2006
xfx 680i lt with an e8400 chip.

Trying to get a stable 3.6ghz but with the lowest vcore possible. Im hearing that 1.275 is the baseline on what I should aim for.

Bios settings for the cpu have the ram multiplyer 3-1 with a 1600mhz fsb which gives the ram 1067 and the cpu 3.6ghz.

For voltage I have it set that when in cpuz the vcore is 2.80 thing is when I run prime or orthos the vcore drops down to around 1.250. If the baseline i want is 2.75 and the vcore is dropping to to below that. Should I set it up so the vcore drops at or right above 1.275?

Ive let the mobo run auto a few times and of course its stable under normal conditions i get around 55-60c under a full small fft load. Today with my room being close to 90 degrees F auto gets temps to around 65 under a full small fft load.

What do you recommend I do?


Jan 7, 2009

I have no idea of what you are talking about with this baseline thing or where you heard it.

Just lower your vcore until if fails prime/occt/ibt, then just raise it 2-3 notches and retest (use blend test).