Voltage, Graphics cards, Wattage


May 4, 2013
I'm in quite a pickle here.
I'm just going to start from the basics, I simply bought a new CPU and MB, everything is working fine until I notice that the Intel fan can barely hold itself to the board >.< was getting 70-80C IDLE. So to counteract this for now I laid the entire case and all on its side. Now I am 30C IDLE and 60C LOAD.

So clearly I am needing a new heatsink (not liquid though, don't trust it honestly) Any suggestions?

Any ideas for video cards? I like to game
(Would like to be able to run Planetside 2 at 30-60fps)

After looking around for some cards I realized that my power supply only pumps out 350W.I clearly will need a new one (I've NEVER installed one before) Just some quick questions, Are they all the same size?

Could you help me with selecting one compatible with my MB?
With being able to also support a video card?

I am aware that I have an odd setup before you comment xD

i7-2700k Sandy bridge 3500mhz
DDR3 4gb (x2)
Motherboard: http://www.msi.com/product/mb/H61M-P31-W8.html

I've built computers before but never played with power supplies or motherboards as much as this one.

Please note I am somewhat on a budget here so the lower the price the better :/

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your answers

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