[SOLVED] Voltage offset applied in BIOS, but not reflected in monitoring tools (Ryzen 3700x)


Jul 5, 2008
I applied a voltage offset of -0.0875 in my ASUS Tuf X570 BIOS, and the change is reflected in the BIOS (voltage reading went from 1.4xx to 1.3xx). In all monitoring tools I've tried (CPU-Z, HWInfo, HWMonitor, Ryzen Master) the voltage still spikes to 1.5...and yes, I know that's not a problem. :)

The reason I am applying an undervolt is because I'm playing RDR2 right now and while in game the voltage is a constant ~1.388 volts. That's too high for a constant voltage that can last for hours IMHO...or to be more accurate, I'd be more comfortable if it didn't go much over 1.3v at load, like it does in CPU intensive benchmarks. Why it applies that much voltage in game and not in benchmarks is beyond me.

Anywho, after the voltage offset my temps do seem lower by about 6c. But the voltage reading in the monitoring tools at load remains the same, ~1.388. I was expecting closer to 1.3v max, considering the offset. So did I do something wrong...did I leave out a step? Are the monitoring tools reporting the new voltage values correctly? Is there anything else I need to adjust? Thanks :D
While in BIOS load and voltage are constant. When under load voltage is flexible and it's XFR that may override voltages set in BIOS. If algorithm in CPU determines higher voltage is need and temperature allow it, it will use as much voltage it needs no matter what BIOS says. +/- voltage offset seems to work best at idle.