Voltage regulated vs. PWM fan headers?


May 29, 2017
I am planning to build a custom watercooled build, but my motherboard (Asus z270i Strix ITX) has 3 fan-headers (of which 2/3 are voltage-regulated instead of PWM).

Let's say I want to use a PWM splitter to plug my pump (3-pin Newest DC-pump) and a 4-pin PWM fan into the CPU's PWM Header of the motherboard. The goal will be to be able control the fan RPM WITHOUT lowering my pump's RPM's. Does it work this way or won't this work since i'm using a PWM-splitter?

My thoughts would be that the PWM doesn't use DC-voltage operation, so the 3-pin pump won't be affected and will run at 100% speed all the time while the fan will be affected and change accordingly to my RPM settings, right?

Thanks in advance!
4-pin splitter does not change the way header controls fans connected to it - you could say it is transparent as if it would not be there. 3-pin splitter on the other hand limits all fan control to voltage-only. So yes, if you set header to PWM and connect PWM fan and 3-pin pump to it, it should work as you described, since all PWM control goes through 4th pin and voltage is set to 12V all the time.

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