You mean ones like this?

Its a scam, OC results depend on all of the components in the system, and the CPU will not retain those settings as it has no permanent memory. Also if you look at the details, i would expect the CPUs to have an incredibly short lifespan
CPU Type: Core i7 (SUPERCHARGED 985)
CPU Socket Type: LGA1366 (X58)
Certified Speed: 4.3GHz @ 1.481v @ Up To 97°C
Cooling Used: 100% Air Cooled / Noctua NH-U12P (1366 / SE2)

Note the voltage needed and the temperature, they arent supposed to go over 70C, 97C you are well into the damage range, and that voltage is more than .1V over stock. He may have gotten them up to that level, but they are permanently scarred from it.

4.3GHz @ just 1.481v @ 205BCLK @ Up To 97ºC or your money back!

1.481V is WAY high, and 97C is WAY hot. Both are well above the normal operating conditions of an i7. My guess is that he's just overclocking an i7 920, and then selling it with the stated overclock conditions (without mentioning that an i7 at 1.48V will have some SERIOUS thermal issues without massive cooling). I would not buy them.


Jan 20, 2010
dont go for it. first of all, there is no i7 985 that ive ever heard of, and the 980 isnt scheduled to come out till march. most probably took a 920 and overclocked it, but the voltage is way too high


People are paying "voodoo" between $450 to $500 dollars for these supposedly core i7 985's, but when I submitted some questions to him about one of his listed chips, he admitted it's simply a Core i7 920 (after initially trying to skate around the truth). These Core i7 920's can be found for around $200-250 dollars at a number of online merchants.

What's shocking to me is that people are actually leaving him positive feedback after he's basically stolen anywhere from $200 to $250 dollars out of their pockets using false advertising.