Voodoo2 Mixed SLI


Jan 1, 2001
I have a diamond 12mb voodoo2 and creative 12mb voodoo2. I got the latest reference drivers from 3dfx and some cracked mismatched drivers that replace glide2x.dll, glide3x.dll, and 3dfxv2v32.dll (I think thats the name for the last one, something close to it). Anyway, it works with the cracked drivers and I can run SLI. However, the cracked mismatch drivers are supposed to overwrite the files for the 3dfx refercne drivers from 6-24-99 and i have ones from 1-17-01.
Where I have a problem is running direct3D games. Everything with glide works fine, but on newer games that are direct3d only, if i have these cracked dlls on, the system will not detect my voodoo2 for use as a direct3d card. I am pretty sure it is because of the file 3dfxv2v32.dll (not positive on file name but its real close); the sizes from the normal ref drivers and cracked are off by 100KB whereas the glide ones are dead on for size match.
So anyway, I can't use SLI in direct3d with these mismatch drivers.
Does anyone know either
A.) where I can get newer mismatched SLI drivers (the three cracked dlls) that are fully compatible with 3dfxs latest reference drivers so I can use direct3D
B.) where i can find the older 6-24-99 reference drivers so the cracked dlls will work properly for direct3d usage
C.) any other solution to this problem

Thanks for the help!



Did you try the Wicked3D mini drivers for 3dfx cards? I have a Diamond Voodoo2, and the only way that I could get it to work with updated drives and WinME was to get the Wicked3D mini drivers. The drivers come with a list of supported games, so you just pick the game you're playing from the list and it will install the drivers to work with that game. The list is kept pretty up to date, and there's even some general purpose drivers that you can try. Hope that helps.
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