Mar 22, 2019
Hello community.
I am on situation which i believe i have been confused and i need your lights please.Not an expert here but on an intermediate level.Here it goes:
I have set up a home lab for my practice to develop more knowledge on the topic's title.Win 7 machine and mobile with data for tests.The idea is to set up a win7 vpn server then connect from mobile through data to it and then through remote desktop app on mobile to connect and use the win7 pc.
I have set up the ports on router(EPC3928S),i have given access from firewall to routing and remote access both for inbound and outbound,i have set up the remote desktop with user and password,and i have set up the vpn server also.
From android mobile side i created a vpn connection with the public ip of win7 pc and user credentials.
Now,what is happening :When i am on data or wifi in mobile and launch the remote desktop app i can normally connect to the remote desktop of win 7 machine.
When i am on data i can connect to the vpn win7 server but not to the remote desktop.
When i am on wifi i cannot connect to the vpn win7 server
In all cases wifi is the same as the pc is connected.
So in conclusion on data i can connect to vpn but then not on remote desktop,and from wifi i can't connect to the vpn.
So the question:Can we have vpn server on win7,then connect to it and then through it connect to remote desktop on the same machine?If yes and if i am missing something please advice how can it be done/implemented.

Thanks in advance