Question VPN and the IP Address


Mar 28, 2013
Using Wijndows 10 Pro and PureVPN. My problems lies in that showing as connected to the UK (London) as per VPN
but when you use various software to test your IP Address comes back as
This happens with every location and area connected to. Tried Pure VPN live chat and just informed to re-install the software and
to install older version of it.
Secondly to this have connected to Ireland location comes up with that connect to it through the VPN but when I test the IP address (9 & 24) three seperate times they are unable to find the IP address and I have no Internet connection.
Why is the VPN Software giving me an IP address that has relation to the IP address giving on the the various software
for my IP address.
Any idea's would be great.
I am not sure what you question is. VPN services assign you a private ip (ie the 10.x.x.x). They then translate this into some real address which you likely share with many other users. The details of how they do this varies a lot between providers. The 172.11.x.x ip are not actually currently being used on the internet. You should not be assigned IP in this range