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Aug 24, 2019
I've been a user since 2017. For any reason, it's not working anymore: I can't log in, can't pay for the service, they guys are not returning messages. I guess it's time for a new VPN then.

The thing is, all providers I came across are offering 2, 3, even 5 year plans. That won't work for me: I need a monthly plan. Also,'s monthly plan was 5$, and the offers I've seen start at 10-12$.

Can anyone recommend a monthly VPN plan worth 5$ or close? Thanks!
Mozilla VPN is probably the closest you're gonna get to those prices. I've tested it out - it works as described but I didn't use it for an extended peroid.
Then all I can do is wish you good luck finding one. I've checked online and found some VPNs I've never heard of, but none are cheaper than 10 bucks a month when you're getting a monthly plan.

Apparently is still in service. I guess your only options are to get through to their support or move to a different company and pay more..
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