Question VPN on modem.


Feb 7, 2017
Hey guys whenever i try to connect a vpn, it doesn't work (i'am directly connected with wire to modem) i just found an article: If you lost your internet connectivity as soon as you connect your VPN on your router, and the VPN does not work through router, make sure that your router is not working as a modem. You cannot directly configure VPN on your ISP's modem / router. link :
Is this true? If it is is there another way to use a vpn when directly connected to the modem

In general vpn work fine on most routers and modem/router combo units. The vast majority of people are using openvpn to run vpn. This appears as HTTPS traffic in most cases so it is allowed though even fairly strict firewalls.

Unless you have firewalls running on the router or maybe your PC it should not be blocked.

The exception to this is are the older vpn protocols like pptp or ipsec. These require a special feature on the router to function. Most consumer routers have this vpn helper function by default and you generally can not turn if on or off it just functions.

I would just use openvpn unless you have a good reason to use something else.....and you would already know what I posted above since those other vpn protocols are much harder to configure.

You need to recheck your vpn settings if the vpn is failing to connect